Jessica Twomey

Owner & Head Trainer

L-1 & L-2 CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

Jess was born and raised in Blairstown and is beyond thrilled to be able to bring CrossFit to her hometown! Besides being a CrossFit coach, she is a wife and mother to two amazing daughters. Coming from a teaching background with a love for fitness, Jess easily transitioned into the job of CrossFit coach and has made it her passion.

She has been doing CrossFit herself since 2012 and continues to love it just as much, if not more, than the day she started. She strives to grow as a coach through continuing education at every opportunity because she is committed to providing her athletes with the knowledge and skills needed to reach their fitness goals.


Chelsea Gallagher

Mobility & Movement Instructor
Certified Group Fitness Trainer
Chelsea's passion for fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition coupled with her career as a teacher, her role as a coach, and her active immersion within our community has allowed her the opportunity to create exercise classes that are unique, energetic, purposeful, and leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished. Power Stretch compliments CrossFit and will support both your body and mind as you venture down your wellness journey. Chelsea, an athlete herself, is a certified instructor with 10 years of experience leading classes to all age and ability levels. Collaborating closely with Jess, Chelsea's classes will target the exact muscle groups worked during CrossFit in order to improve flexibility and mobility, strengthen and lengthen muscles, and proactively protect joints and prevent injury.
Nadia Abascal

Nadia Abascal

L-1 CrossFit Trainer

A native Marylander (PG County, if you’re familiar) and converted New Havenite, Nadia is more than a little excited to be at the Station! She started her CrossFit journey in the summer of 2014 as an athlete at CrossFit New Haven and hasn’t looked back since. After becoming a CrossFit coach in April of 2017, her love of the sport and community were even more solidified. While she is most fond of a heavy barbell, she even enjoys doing pull-ups (don’t tell anyone she said that) when supportive and encouraging people like the ones at Blairstown Station CrossFit are involved!

Aside from coaching, Nadia is also a chemistry teacher at Blair Academy. She loves teaching and eating good food!


Jennifer Kruegel

L-1 CrossFit Trainer

Jen, born and raised in Wanaque, NJ, moved to the Blairstown area in 2004 shortly after she was married. She began her fitness journey in her basement doing workout DVDs and running.   In 2015 she was introduced to CrossFit and that’s when she met Jess. She immediately fell in love with the idea of measurable growth and the positive community that was CrossFit.

While she loves certain movements (like deadlifts) more than others, she has learned to trust the process of CrossFit and is constantly inspired by her fellow athletes!

Aside from coaching, Jen works as an Environmental Educator for Montclair State University’s NJ School of Conservation, where they host middle-school students on their field trips and provide research opportunities for graduate students. She brings the CrossFit mentality into everything she does and encourages her young daughter and husband (also members) to do the same.

While she loves certain movements (like deadlifts) more than others, she has learned to trust the process of CrossFit and is constantly inspired by her fellow athletes!



Jordan Palanca

L-1 CrossFit Trainer

Jordan was born and raised in Blairstown. Besides being a coach at the Station, he is a Health and Physical Education teacher.  After wrestling for about 20 years, Jordan began looking for something that would replace the sport. He found Crossfit as the perfect substitute.

Once Jordan began doing Crossfit in August of 2018, he immediately found a passion for it. His passion is what led him to earn his CrossFit L-1 certificate in April of 2019. His dedication and excitement for the sport has been growing ever since.